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Jupp Linssen

Jupp Linssen (Kempen/Niederhein, Germany, 1957)

Price indication: 2.500 - 16.000 €

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Jupp Linssen (Kempen/Niederhein, Germany, 1957)

German artist Jupp Linssen presents a dialogue between the dimensions of texture and the process of construction in his mixed media works. By combining such diverse materials as concrete, sand, marble dust, dried pigment, wax encaustic, plaster, paper and tin, Jupp associates himself with humble, unconventional materials, like those employed in building. He creates the layers of texture upon canvas awning (canvas duct) over wood stretchers and concentrates intently on the glutinous fabric of the substances as his "subject matter." In certain instances, he accents space with meandering line schemes that appear like shadows against the scraped, exhausted surfaces. Allowing the natural hues of the materials to function independently, his palette consists of "non-colors," read as monochromatic plains of gray, white and washed beige. With the intricate textural rendering, simple architectural construction and a true concept of weight, Jupp’s pieces maintain the essence of their materials. Together, they allow for an intense sensory experience as they emit a faint perfume attributed to the eclectic combination of substances. The small mixed-media works act as a metaphor for archival stone tablets drawn from an antiquated vault time less, preserved and memorable.

“Painting: the result of something that was eliminated or that which still remains.” - Jupp Linssen.

The distinct layers of construction, the neutral palette and the intricate textural skins clearly expose Linssen’s daring approach to the qualities of space, surface and form. Maintaining an extraordinary stylistic coherence, Linssen commands the formal components of art making while emphasizing paintings indeterminate possibilities and outcomes. Lives and works in Aachen, Germany

1957: born, Kempen/Niederhein, Germany
1980-86: Studies at RWTH in Aachen, Fachbereich Kunst for Professor Joachim Bandau
1987: Förderpreis Bildende Kunst der Stadt Aachen
1995: Werfener Malersymposium

Solo Shows


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  2.          Monochrom, Aachen;
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  4. 1990-98 Galerie Pudelko, Bonn;
  5. 1992-02 Galerie Baumgarten, Freiburg;
  6. 1992  Galerie Yamaguchi SOKO, Tokyo;
  7.          Wachsfabrik Köln;
  8. 1993  Gallery Janus Avivson, London,
  9.          Galerie Fred Lanzenberg, Brüssel,
  10.          Institut Francais, Aachen,
  11.          Galerie von Braunbehrens, München;
  12. 1994  Städtische Galerie im Bürgerhaus, Neuenkirchen;
  13. 1994-2000  Galerie Contempo, Rotterdam;
  14. 1995-1998 Galerie Triebold, Basel;
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    2012  ML Design Gallery, Antwerpen; Galerie Reitz, Köln,
    2013  Galerie Biesenbach, Köln

    Group Shows

    1987  Perroen Galerie, Maastricht; Schirmfabrik Aachen;
  1. 1989  Fritz-Winter-Haus, Ahlen;
  2. 1991  Rathaus der Stadt Aachen;
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  27.         Göhringer;
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  40. 2011  Conny Dietzschold Gallery Sydney, NSW, Australia mit          
  41.          Elizabeth Day

    Public collections:

    Ludwig Forum für internationale Kunst, Aachen; Deutscher Bundestag, Bonn; Kunstammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Düsseldorf; Prinz Max Palais, Karlsruhe; Norddeutsche Landesbank, Hannover.


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