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Endless Growing Green
Dancing Shadows
Play of light
power of running water
Running Water
Endless Growing
Black Risings
Blowing in the wind
Different Ways
White Coral
Portrait of the artist in her studio

Jeanne Opgenhaffen (Nieuwenkerk-Waas, Belgium, 1938)

Very thin slices in porcelain, each individual slice slightly different and brought together in rythmic compositions that suggest motion and space. Some creations are white, others in subtle shades of the chosen main color.

Delicate in material, very strong in creativity and artistic maturity: every creation of Jeanne Opgenhaffen may safely be called an exclusivity. The artwork of Jeanne Opgehaffen has been noted by both national and international press. Several awards confirm the international acclain for her works.

"She is fascinated by the movement of water trough the selection, the strenght, the way it always looks for and this own way. In 'Power of Running Water' she tries to capture the moving water into strips whitish blue porcelain. In addition to water, wind is also a landscape determinating force. In 'A Breeze Blows Over it' are the images captured in their vibrating motion. in 'Green' push the porcelain plates and two large tectonic plating gently but firmly against each other. You see the maontain range born." Bie Luysaert, 2008.

Artistic education:

1973: Aggregated in Visual Arts;
Studies of ceramics at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and the National Hgher Istitute for Fine Arts, Antwerp, Belgium.

Exhibitions and international art fairs (selection from 2006 – 2017):

Oostkerke, Belgium, ML Gallery
Brussels, Belgium, BRAFA
Laren, the Netherlands, Wolterinck
Kirchberg in Tirol, Austria, AAART Foundation

Oostkerke, Belgium, ML Gallery
Kirchberg in Tirol, Austria, AAART Foundation
Leuven, Belgium, Grietens Concept
France, Galerie du Don
France, Terra Vita

USA, commission SOHO Myriad
USA, commission A. Bennington

Destelbergen, Belgium, ML Gallery
Dubai Design Days, United Emirates
London, UK, Collection Saatchi
Switserland, Carouge
The Netherlands, Galerie Zeeuwart
Kortrijk, Belgium, Classics
Brussels, Puls Contemporary Ceramics
USA, San Francisco, commission Valuact

Destelbergen, Belgium, ML Gallery
London, UK, Collection Saatchi
Brussels, Puls Ceramics 

Antwerp, Belgium, ML Gallery
Knokke, Belgium, Art Nocturne/ML Gallery
France, Paray-Le-Monial, Maison de la Mosaique Contemporaine

France, Giroussens, Centre Céramiquey
The Netherlands, Deventer, Loes & Reinier International Ceramics
Belgium, Herentals, Hedendaagse Keramiek
The Netherlands, Delft, Botsing en Ontlading
Germany, Leipzig, International Ceramic Museum
Belgium, Aalter, Biënnale Hedendaagse Kunst
USA, Chicago, SOFA Art Fair

Belgium, Antwerp, ML Gallery
Belgium, Ghent, Galerij G14
Belgium, Brussels, AAF/Galerij Van Meensel
The Netherlands, Laren, Wolterinck
The Netherlands, Deventer, Loes & Reinier International Ceramics
France, Lille, European Art Fair-Grand Palais/Galerij Van Meensel
Belgium, Ghent, Art Gent 2012/Galerij
 Van Meensel

Belgium, Antwerp, ML Gallery
Belgium, Ghent, Galerij G14
Belgium, Brussels, AAF/Galerij Van Meensel
Belgium, Ghent, LINEART/Galerij Van Meensel
London, UK, Woolff Gallery
Paris, France, Salon Céramique

London, UK, Flow Gallery
London, UK, Woolff Gallery
New York, USA, AAF/Woolff Gallery
The Netherlands, Tegelen, Museum Tiendschuur
Belgium, Ghent, Lineart/Galerij Van Meensel

Ghent: Lineart, Flanders Expo
Zaragossa, Spain: World Exposition, Belgian pavillion
Paris, France: Céramique 14 Art Contemporaine

London, UK, Woolff Gallery
Glasgow, UK, Art Fair
London, UK, Collect Art Fair Saatchi Museum /Gallery Sofie Lachaert

France, Lille, Lille Art Fair
The Netherlands, Tegelen, Museum Tiendschuur

The Netherlands, Leeuwarden, St. Joseph Galerie
Belgium, Ghent, Lineart/Galerij Van Meensel
Belgium, Aalter, Biënnale Hedendaagse Kunst

New York: Wooff Gallery

London, UK: collect Art Fair in V&A Museum

Museums and commissions

Afwezig- Aanwezig : Woon-en Zorgcentrum St-Vincentius, Ardooie, 2002
Het daglicht verhaalt alleen de buitenkant : St-Vincentius, Ardooie, 2002
Beeldende lectuur : Gemeentelijke Bibliotheek, Kuurne, 1995
Mural : Collectie Liedts-Meesen, Ghent
ABC : Gemeentelijke Bibliotheek, Kruibeke, 2002
De Kleine Lettertjes : Verzekeringen Mercator, Antwerp 1993
Guardian and guardianes : Novohradska Galéria, Lucenec (Slovakia), 1995
Heaven can wait : Museum of Art, Herzliya (Israël), 1994                      
Lost Paradise : Persgroep Roularta, Zellik, 1994 
Mural : Vakantiehuis van de C. M., Leysin (Switserland), 1993
The search for green : Fine Arts Museum, Taipei (Taiwan), 1994
Versteende getuigen : Dagblad Het Laatste Nieuws, Asse, 1993
Cijfers en Letters : Overheidsopdracht van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap, integrate artwork for the Graaf de Ferraris Building, Brussels, 1997
Wit bedrukt : Overheidsopdracht, Provinciegebouw, Leuven 
Dozen : Grassimuseum,Leipzig (Germany)
Petrified Movement : Keramiekmuseum, Tegelen (the Netherlands), 2004
Sporen : Rust en verzorgingstehuis, Zonhoven 2006
Relation gift: VRT-television, 2006

Awards (selection):

VR I.K.A Award – Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, 1974, 1978, 1979, 1981
Prijs P.N. Rembrandt Buggati, Antwerpen, 1979
Prijs P.N. Ferstenberg, Antwerpen, 1980
Eervolle vermelding, Kunstenaressen in Vlaanderen, 1980
Prijs Oppenheimer, Academie voor Schone Kunsten Antwerpen, 1983
Medaille Vermeil – Salon Internationale de Peinture et de Sculpture, Vittel, 1992
Medaglia d’Oro – Concorso Internazionale della Céramica d’Arte, Faënza, Italy, 1995
Cultuurprijs, Kruibeke, 1999