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CV & Biography

Jeanne Opgenhaffen (Nieuwenkerk-Waas, Belgium, 1938)

Very thin slices in porcelain, each individual slice slightly different and brought together in rythmic compositions that suggest motion and space. Some creations are white, others in subtle shades of the chosen main color.

Delicate in material, very strong in creativity and artistic maturity: every creation of Jeanne Opgenhaffen may safely be called an exclusivity. The artwork of Jeanne Opgehaffen has been noted by both national and international press. Several awards confirm the international acclain for her works.

"She is fascinated by the movement of water trough the selection, the strenght, the way it always looks for and this own way. In 'Power of Running Water' she tries to capture the moving water into strips whitish blue porcelain. In addition to water, wind is also a landscape determinating force. In 'A Breeze Blows Over it' are the images captured in their vibrating motion. in 'Green' push the porcelain plates and two large tectonic plating gently but firmly against each other. You see the maontain range born." Bie Luysaert, 2008.

Artistic education:

1973: Aggregated in Visual Arts;
Studies of ceramics at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and the National Hgher Istitute for Fine Arts, Antwerp, Belgium.

Exhibitions and international art fairs (selection from 2008 – 2011):

London, UK: collect Art Fair in V&A Museum;

Collect Art Fair Saatchi Museum – Gallery Sofie Lachaert;
Lille, France: Lille Art Fair;

New York: Wooff Gallery;

Ghent: Lineart, Flanders Expo
Zaragossa, Spain: World Exposition, Belgian pavillion;
Paris, France: Céramique 14 Art Contemporaine;

Awards (selection):

VR I.K.A Award – Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, 1974, 1978, 1979, 1981;
Medaille Vermeil – Salon Internationale de Peinture et de Sculpture, Vittel, 1992;
Medaglia d’Oro – Concorso Internazionale della Céramica d’Arte, Faënza, Italy, 1995.